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Shaving weeks off the Life Insurance underwriting process.

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The Problem

Life insurance companies are seeking alternatives for acquiring the delay-ridden medical records used in the Life Insurance underwriting process.

The challenge of the traditional underwriting process in life insurance is that it's anchored to the “attending physician’s statement” (APS).  Simply put, the APS is a comprehensive record of the customer’s medical history. The historic model for obtaining an APS encompasses numerous manual and non-digital steps, making it time-consuming and a costly operation.

One out of 6 people drop off, mid-process, as they lose patience.

Value Hypothesis

For life insurance underwriters and companies, we provide a solution that addresses the time consuming and expensive task of acquiring medical records by using a web application that aggregates digital health records from regional health networks. Resulting in precise and instant health data and risk evaluation, to assist in quicker underwriting, optimal rates and reduced revenue leakage associated with long turnaround times.

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User Interface (GA)

Electronic Health Records
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Optical Character Recognition & Natural Language Processing
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The Solution

Cognizant Health Risk Data Portal is an integrated service that handles both electronic health record (EHR) and portable document format (PDF) data sources, such as an attending physician statement (APS) with a few simple steps by a user.

The solution supports medical record retrieval through built-in connectivity with well-established EHR vendors and handles data summarization through a combination of proprietary optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.  It converts the risk profile data into a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) compliant, structured medical record.

The service blends medical insights and company-specific underwriting policies to display a streamlined medical record ready for an underwriting decision.

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Location: Boulder & Bangalore

Role: Product Designer

Activities: Lead product design, research, user experience, user interface design, user testing, and prototyping.

Platform: SaaS

Tools: Sketch, Adobe CC, Abstract, Craft and Slack.


Final Thoughts from the Designer

Cognizant Health Risk Data Portal continues on and is currently active today. I worked as the lead designer on this project for nearly 3 years, helping to advance them from a minimum viable product all the way to general availability. Most recently CRPG added numerous evaluations from the Association of Home Office Underwriters Conference. It was a long road to get here and numerous challenges were overcome, we had problems with vendors, limited research in the beginning and we even pivoted the product at one point. I pushed for user testing, which at the time wasn’t part of the Accelerator’s process. However, after leading the charge, research and user testing were officially added to the Accelerator’s process. I hope CRPG and the team I once worked with can continue on to even greater success.