Early Days

Early Days

Bad News Bears Film (2005)

Flash Animated Website
BNB Film 1
BNB Film 2
BNB Film 3
BNB Film 4
BNB Film 5
BNB Film 6
BNB Film 7

Dex (2008)

Yellow & White Page Directory Website
Dex Website 1
Dex Website 2
Dex Website 3
Dex Website 4
Dex Website 5

Dex Moblie (2008)

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Mobile Site
Dex Mobile 1
Dex Mobile 2
Dex Mobile 3
Dex Mobile 4
Dex Mobile 5

Alpine Interactive (2003)

Alpine Interactive Website 1
Alpine Interactive Website 2
Alpine Interactive Website 3
Alpine Interactive Website 4

Client Details

In 2005 Anthony joined Factory Design Labs. At that time, Factory was regarded as most significant interactive ad agency in the Denver area. They produced digital work for well-known clients like The North Face, Paramount Pictures and Sony Entertainment and others.

One of Anthony’s first projects was to design a fully animated website for the upcoming remake film, Bad News Bears, starring Billy Bob Thornton. Hollywood production companies are notorious for being super detailed about the art direction and design. Often changing art directions mid-process and even backtracking to older concepts. Paramount surprisingly, ran with Anthony’s first art direction with no revisions. 

Anthony worked with Dex Media via Local Matters, which was founded by Perry Evans, who also founded MapQuest. This was Anthony’s first time working on sites with a more complex architecture. Working alongside experience designers and researchers, Anthony enjoyed the new challenge of working closely with users and customers. This was also Anthony’s first experience with Agile. Being formally trained in 2008.