Apparel Design

Apparel Design

Vision Street Wear

VSW Shirt 1
VSW Shirt 2
VSW Shirt 3
VSW Shirt 4
VSW Shirt 5

Nikita Clothing

Nikita Clothing Shirt 1
Nikita Clothing Shirt 2
Nikita Clothing Shirt 3
Nikita Clothing Shirt 4

Wi-Me Snowboards

Wi-Me Snowboards Shirt 1
Wi-Me Snowboards Shirt 2
Wi-Me Snowboards Shirt 3
Wi-Me Snowboards Shirt 4
Wi-Me Snowboards Shirt 5
Wi-Me Snowboards Shirt 6

Shift’D Union

Shift'D Union Shirt 1
Shift'D Union Shirt 2
Shift'D Union Shirt 3
Shift'D Union Shirt 4

Client Details

Under the Collective Licensing umbrella, Anthony produced graphic apparel design for Vision Street Wear, Sims Snowboards and Airwalk. For many reasons, Vision Street Wear has a controversial presence in skateboarding, but also a vibrant and well respected history as well. Because of this, Anthony worked to reinterpret iconic VSW graphics while also restoring lesser known graphics. Not that Anthony didn’t produce anything new, it was just far more intriguing to hunt down lost and historic graphics that the company didn’t currently have archived. Colleagues applauded the effort and the products sold well.